Skype Counselling Sessions

Therapy Skype sessions are available for those not residing in Hyderabad. It is available for both those who had previous face-to-face therapy or individuals approaching for the first interaction.

The first session is a long session called a trial session lasting 3 hours. After the first session you can decide with the therapist whether the sessions are helpful or not . The therapist reserves the right to not take up further sessions online or in person in case she feels that therapy in this format may not be enough or beneficial to you .

Any session over skype comes with the risk of technological risks of loss of confidentiality.

“Do I want to be the person I am or  be  the person I am supposed to be?”

Often we spend a great deal of life trying to be someone we are not and living this duality can come with a lot of anxiety and sadness.We may spend a lot of our energy pleasing others but the outcome is futile.This duality generates a lot of pain and suffering, loneliness and despair, and things we want the most may slip out of our hands leaving us pained and hurt. The fear of hurting others can end up hurting us the most.How may we deal with this anxiety? Sometimes the suffering is so agonizing that it becomes very difficult to share the problems with anyone lest we be judged for having these symptoms.

Psychodynamic Therapy works through the anxiety and suffering of an individual to bring in more awareness of his real suffering ,going deep into the unconscious workings of the mind, and equipping him to work through this hurt and pain consciously.

It is particularly helpful in

People with multiple somatic(Body) aches and pains

indecision,procrastination,isolation,detachment,social anxiety,fears,weakness,tiredness,sadness .

Relationship difficulties

poor Impuse control ,like anger outbursts, addictions ,binge eating,

sexual difficulties like reduced desire,phobias,aversion

Same Sex difficulties

Obsessional Ruminations about sex,religion,cleanliness,symmetry,homosexual thoughts without compulsions

Therapy Skype sessions are available for those not residing in Hyderabad. It is available for both regular individuals who had previous face-to-face therapy or new individuals. A time slot may be decided by emailing at and the fee transferred online. The day preferred for skyping is Friday and Sunday.

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Confidentiality: You are assured that utmost confidentiality is maintained to protect any information that you share with us during your therapy.