Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for Individuals

This psychotherapy is currently been practiced internationally and through  medical research found to be useful for a large number of psychological symptoms causing problems .

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Psychiatry Consultation

For those desirous of taking medications or those who are severely affected and will need immediate intervention for behavioural and emotional difficulties.

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Online Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy sessions can be booked by sending a request to Dr. Sonaa Kakar at talktimeclinic@gmail.com.

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Training in Intensive short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Empowering trainers to enhance their therapy skills, Dr.Sonaa Kakar offers professional Psychotherapy Training opportunities in ISTDP certified by The ISTDP Institute Washington DC.

About Sonaa Kakar

Dr. Sonaa Kakar completed her MD in 1997 and is an experienced and qualified Psychiatrist with an additional interest and training in a contemporary form of Psychoanalysis called Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy from the ISTDP Institute Washington DC . Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy through scientific study has been found to be effective in treating nearly 80 % of out patient psychiatric problems, which includes Resistant Depression , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosomatic disorders, Panic Attacks and Generalized Anxiety disorders, Personality Disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders and  Sexual Disorders.

Dr. Sonaa Kakar  prescribes many forms  of treatment  with the greatest focus being on providing an optimum healing experience ,symptom reduction and increased productivity of the individual

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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Sonaa Kakar on Devaluation and criticism

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Will I be judged by the Psychotherapist?

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