Talk Time Clinic

Advanced and Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Techniques



   The Big Challenge

Most challenging is the fact that often the patient may have poor insight into her problem . That is, she truly believes that some error in appearance is there despite reassurance

                                                        Additional Difficulties

More often than not the patient is extremely depressed and feels suicidal. Patient often exhibits avoidant behaviour and suffers from a low self esteem

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addiction to Psychoactive substances may be found to also complicating the suffering  


One may be able to get a clearer idea of all the symptoms using a rating scale . One can use a symptom checklist like the one accompanying Y-BOCS  adapted for BDD


Often BDD would require a multi pronged approach and Great Expertise . Look for a Specialist or a Psychiatrist who is particularly involved in treating this problem. Psychotherapy is usually the mainstay of treatment. Both CBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy along with other variants are routinely used .