1.Devaluation – The harsh Untruths

One perfectly lovely day may be completely ruined by terribly harsh words. Especially from people we have learnt to respect .

These words can shatter our image about ourselves or our image about them and certainly our relationships.

2.Effects of Devaluation

Devaluation can be devastating for people who love such people due to various forms of relationships they may have with them. In order to save the relationship they may allow this devaluation, sometimes believing the harsh untruths and trying to improve themselves to match up to the exacting demands of the other person . Ones own identity is lost and one lives a life pleasing such people  who don’t value themselves enough to value people who love them

3. Why Devalue

Often people who were devalued while they grew up may continue to devalue others to make themselves  feel good .In any conflict it has to be someone’s fault and in order to save the guilt of facing their role in the conflict they may rave and rant and pin the blame squarely on others. The concept of you are bad and I am  good  helps them save themselves from a terrible negative view of themselves.

4.How Does one Cope With Devaluation

It is important to look at evidence about how one really is. So for example, someone calls you dumb , it’s important to recognize how true or false the accusation is in the context of the reality about our capabilities in general . Pay attention to yourself and not to the lies you have begun to believe. Remember you are the best person to judge yourself!