Dynamic Therapy for Individuals

For people who have been working well in life, but find that they are groping with issues which do not allow them to live their life as they would like to.

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Psychiatry Consultation

For those desirous of taking medications or those who are severely affected and will need immediate intervention for behavioural and emotional difficulties.

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Skype Counselling Sessions

Therapy Skype sessions are available for those not residing in Hyderabad. It is available for both regular individuals who had previous face-to-face therapy or new individuals.

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Psychotherapy Training

Empowering trainers to enhance their therapy skills, the doctor will commence training sessions for psychologists, counsellors and psychiatry students.

About Sona Kakar

Sona Kakar MBBS,MD.( Psychiatry)  has over 20 years of experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She has trained in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy over several years She has been trained and mentored by Dr Thomas Brod, psychoanalyst and psychiatrist at UCLA as well as Jon Frederickson co -chair the ISTDP institute Washington DC .She had the privelege to be invited to the International conference on the Metapsychology of the Unconscious and total removal of Resistance,by Dr Habib Davanloo Mc Gill University Montreal , the founder of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Sona endeavors to enhance the quality of help rendered to others by investing in learning and teaching . Very early in her practice she recognized that a lot of emotional suffering was based on how we relate to others.Any work which would focus on our ablity to relate and bring out the difficulties in the realm of relationships would have a wonderful emotional healing.  She has undergone 4 years of personal analysis and  trained extensively getting many hours of supervision.

Ironically, humans want closeness but the pursuit of that comes with a lot of difficulties.Some people give up and some continue a mindless chase eventually suffering loneliness and regret.Dynamic therapy brings out the real difficulties in ones relationships in the therapy room in context of the relationship with the therapist/doctor and allows a gentler process of healing without being judged or condemned.It allows a freer self to emerge and allows the individual to embrace his true emotions and use them productively for his true potential . It hopes to achieve more openness with the therapist and eventually works on the ability to have more openness in one’s real relationships too.Just as in classical psychoanalysis it works on the principles of working through the resistance and the transference while focus continues on the individual’s feelings.

Sona Kakar  organizes and conducts teaching workshops on aspects of dynamic therapy,couples  therapy and psychological illnesses at various medical associations and privately .


She is a fellow of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS). She is a member of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy  Association.

 Psychotherapy Clinic

She currently conducts psychotherapy sessions at Begumpet Hyderabad in a private setting. For appointment with the doctor you could send a mail to– talktimeclinic@gmail.com

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