Online Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Confidentiality: You are assured that utmost confidentiality is maintained to protect any information that you share with us during your therapy. However please bear in mind the risks involved in the use of technology for online sessions.


(As Recommended An ISTDP session is conducted for a longer duration of 60 to 90 minutes)

Online psychotherapy sessions are available on request. Book a session

Its  important to understand that if you can have a face to face session it will have definite advantage in therapy


Kindly send an email to with your request, address and the problem you want help with.


You will get the bank details and appropriate forms which you need to fill and return . You will get three available dates and slots to choose from. You can make the fee transfer 3 days before the session.


First  session or trial session lasting one and a half hours. The usefulness and need for further sessions can be decided only after first session by both the doctor and you.


Further sessions lasting 60 or 90 minutes on next available dates.

Due to limited slots, once booked online psychotherapy session slots cannot be changed or cancelled


Any online work comes with the technological risks of loss of confidentiality.