Psychiatry Consultation

For those desirous of taking medications or those who are severely affected and will need immediate intervention for behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Dr Sonaa Kakar gives a 25-30 minute psychiatry consultation if you opt for a drug prescription or where she feels medicines are to be prescribed first or together with psychotherapy. Dr Sonaa Kakar offers no inpatient services but can refer you to such institutes which are licensed to admit.

  • Detailed interviewing lasting 25-30 minutes
  • Making a diagnosis after complete mental examination
  • Prescribing a drug regimen and/or supportive therapy
  • Ascertaining goals going forward
  • Support towards  recovery and prevention of relapse.

Confidentiality: You can rest assured that utmost confidentiality is maintained to protect any information that you share with us during your therapy. Privacy: For individuals requesting complete privacy, arrangements are made to secure a time and place for the same for an additional nominal fee.