Workshop 7th Feb 2021

Skill building workshop on how to work with patients who say they don’t have a problem 7th Feb 2021

Have you worked with patients ,who walk in for a session but deny they have a psychological problem? Have you found yourself stuck when the patient asks you to figure out what problem you think he should work upon?

This 8 hour workshop will focus on unconscious defenses which may be stalling the essential process of building an alliance and getting a clear problem to work upon

Maximum number of Participants 10

This workshop is open to psychotherapists following any theory of the mind 

Last date 20th January. First come first basis.

Faculty      Dr. Sonaa Kakar MD

The aim of the workshop

  1. To introduce effective tools to quickly build an alliance in the first meeting with patients who unconsciously use rationalization, denial, projection or a host of other defenses which slows the therapy process. 
  2. To practice these tools in the group setting with Skill Building Exercises 
  3. To teach Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, moment to moment through actual video recorded sessions of patients

What the participants will learn by the end of the workshop.

  • Develop skills to keep an effective focus in therapy
  • Develop skills to quickly build an alliance with the patient
  • Basic Theory and Practice of Short- Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • How to work with Patients who do not declare a problem


8 hours including breaks.(9 am till 5 pm)

Workshop fees is ₹ 3000/- which is to be transferred via 
1. NEFT to : “SONA KAKAR” , Account Number : 159959403334   IFSC : INDB0000320    Bank Name : IndusInd Bank    
Googlepay : UPI ID: centreforemotions01@okaxis
Please send a screenshot on whatsapp of the NEFT or GPAY to +91-9100221111

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